SHENG PUER - 2010 Bao Tang

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Bao Tang is located in the Mengsong regions of Menghai County, Yunnan Province. This tea was produced in spring 2010 and has been stored in Yunnan until 2020.  The trees are said to be around 300-400 years old.  The tea garden is surround by forest and located at over 1800 meter.


Tasting this tea in Aug 2020, after 10 years ageing in Yunnan, the tea liquor has become orange colour with thicker texture. It is very pleasant to drink but powerful flavour. The flavour is caramelised sweetness with pleasant bitterness almost like orange peel jam, no astringency at all. The aroma releasing from wet leaves or gaiwan's lid smell like the warm, earthy fragrance you would experience when rain hits dry ground in a forest.  Each sip is very rounded and consistent and make you feel want to more and more. After 6th brew in a gaiwan (8g/100ml), it shows more sweetness and less bitterness.  the complexities linger on the tongue and throat is very strong and lasting for very long time.  If you are the one who is think what Cha Qi is, I would say this tea would give the experience which gives a full body calming sensation and feels every pore of your body being opening and breathing. It's also a great candidate for ageing. 


Normal Approach: 

Boiling water | 1g for 100ml water | infuse for 3 mins | multiple infuses

Gong Fu Approach:

Water temperature: boiling water

Leaves to water ratio: 8g for 100ml

Rinsing the leaves (about 3 secs) to allow the leaves to open 

1st - 3rd infuse for 15 secs

4th - 5th infuse for 30 secs

6th and onwards infuse for 1 min or longer to suit your taste

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