SHU PUER - 2011 Guai Bian Lao Zhai Ripe Cake 357g

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Origin:  Yunnan Province, China

Harvest: April 2010

Tea leaves: 2 – 4 leaves were picked, Camellia Sinensis Assamica. Harvested and process in 2011.

Brewing: 100°C, 2g per 100ml water. Rinsing briefly before brewing, 8 – 10 infusions.

Tasting: nice easy Shu Puer to try if you are new to Puer, the flavour is smooth, sweet, earthy without any wet pile taste. 

Weight: 357g per cake

This ripe (or Shu) Puer tea is made from spring harvested tea leaves from old tea bushes that are located the south of Yunnan near the boarder to Burma.  Nice blend of Grade 1, Grade 3 and 4 tea leaves with medium fermentation level.  Tea was compresed in August 2011 and have been kept in a dry storage. 

Once you open the wrapping paper, you notice a strong and clean eathy aroma as if you are walking into a dry deep forest.  The liquor is very dark with a nice clean and thick texture.  The flavour is quite light at the beginning, but as you are drinking more and more, the taste will get stronger leave you a very strong, lingering sweet aftertaste. This tea is very good to drink now but will age and develop for many years to come. 

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