Ripples Style Chaozhou Teapot

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Teapot style: "Spring Raindrop" Chaozhou Teapot

Clay type: Chaozhou Red Clay

Artist: Zhang Zefeng  

Strainer type: 7-hole strainer

Capacity: 120ml

Dimensions: 7cm (diameter) x 4.5cm (height)

Zhang Zefeng, a young artist who is the 5th generation in the family for making traditional hand thrown Chaozhou Red Clay teapot. After finishing the university in Art, Zhang Zefeng went back home and followed his father's step and learning the traditional skill of making traditional Chaozhou teapot.  As a young artist, he has not only been making traditional style of teapots, but also adds his new ideas to the design.  

This Ripples style teapot is the classic design for Chaozhou teapots, it looks simply to make ripples on the teapot as the pot is made by hand thrown technique, but to make the even and small gaps between ripples is very difficult to do, takes many years of practice to master the skill. 

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