Phoenix Dan Cong - Snowflake

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Fenghuang Mountain, Guangdong Province, China



November-December 2017. 2-3 slightly open leaves were picked and partly oxidised and dried.

Snowflakes or Xuepian is a Dan Cong oolong tea that is harvested in the end of the Autumn and the beginning the winter. Leaves are usually larger and thicker than spring harvest Dan Cong due to its unique weather condition.  And not all the Dan Cong bushes will be able to produce any fresh leaves in the winter time simply because it’s too cold.  Every year there is only small quantity of leaves harvested per bush. This is a unique tea with a completely different flavour profile from any Dan Cong Oolongs.

Taste notes:

A faint bouquet fragrances of exotic flowers with rich, creamy undertones.  Or imagine if one smells fragrant scent of a little Chinese plum blossom (梅花) which starts flower in mid-winter and the little pink or red flowers blooming through the snow giving the sensation of a cool breeze circulation your olfactory system.  Clear and bright infusion has a buttery smooth body.  Refreshing, lingering aftertaste, floral bouquet that fill the mouth,


Infusion Notes:

Great for both normal brewing method or Gong Fu style brewing, but the advantage of Gong Fu brewing is that it is easier to make tea taste much thicker and richer because of a higher ratio of tea leaves to the volume of water with shortening the brewing time, and enjoy a very fresh and original flavour of tea from each brewing.

Common brewing method:

Water temperate: 100°C
Leaf to water ratio: 2g per 100ml
Brewing time: about 4 minutes
Tips: adjust the leaf to water ratio if you prefer to shorten the infusion time or for lighter and stronger taste.  Please do not leave any water in the pot between each brew, so as not to lose the precious flavour and taste of tea and preventing from too strong taste for the next brew. 

Gong Fu Brewing Method:

Water Temperate: 100°C
Leaf to water ratio: 7g per 100ml
Brewing time: 1st – 4th infusion about 5 second (almost like hot water pour in and out); 5th – 10th infusion: increasing the infusion time by few seconds for each subsequent brewing.
Tips: make sure pre-heat your tea vessel with boiling water properly, discard water before putting tea in. You don’t have to rinse the leave for a fine tea, but if you do decide to rinse the leave, please make sure do it swiftly so as not to lose the precious flavour and taste of tea.