Old-Growth-Wild White Teas

Three individual white teas representing the different harvesting times from the single tea garden. Like our other white teas, these three white teas are also produced by Master Ye Fang Yang, one of China’s foremost experts in white tea production. Master Ye has always believed in organic farming method, and he believes that white tea should reflect the local terroir and ecosystem on which it is grown but also the purities of tea. Apart from managing his existing organic tea gardens, in the past decade, Master Ye has also been interested in searching deserted tea gardens and wild tea trees in the local mountain regions. The mountain of Bai Ma Gang was his latest finding in 2014, a large, deserted tea garden with many wild-grown tea bushes located in the centre of the Bai Ma Gang area. Since then, Master Ye has been taken over of the area and cleared out the weeds and bushes, but without interfering the wild tea bushes.

When Juyan was first introduced the teas from this tea garden, she loved each grade. They are all phenomenally delicious with various notes of hay, stone fruit, forest characters and wild roots. Instead of only choosing one tea, Juyan bought the top three grades to show how a white tea could develop such individual character with the different harvesting time. They are wonderful teas for brewing in a big cup or gong fu brewing and enjoy them anytime in the day.

Silver Needle – The first harvested tea in the spring on 22nd March 2020

The highest grade of white tea – Silver Needle, made on 25th March 2020, only the fat, silver and downy buds are selected and processed. If you are familiar with our usual Silver Needle tea, you will notice that these buds are much longer and fatter due to the wild-slow-grown bushes. Dry buds have strong dry hay or dry earthy aroma as if you are walking through the dry grass land in the end of the summer. The tea has the most delicate flavour with notes of dry hay, melon, vanilla and floral. The texture is light and juicy with intensely sweet and smooth mouth feel. After few sipping, the tea gives you nice warm body feeling and extremely relaxing and energetic.

First Grade White Peony – harvested on 3rd April 2020

The first grade of White Peony is processed with a very high proportion of downy silver buds with half opened leaves – a bud and a leaf or a bud and two slight opened leaves are selected. The aroma of dry leaves has dry hay and light dry wood notes, showing rich flora and bush aroma on the wet leave after the first brew. The first infusions are light with notes of sweet hay on the top and light earthy character on the base, becoming slight stronger with sweet apricot with subsequent infusions, long lasting aftertaste.  As the tea contain high proportion of downy silver buds, it will have some elegant characters just like the Silver Needle.

Second Grade White Peony – harvested on 12th April 2020

As the weather is getting warm in the early April, the new shoots are quickly growing to leaves. But for processing a good quality of White Peony, a good mixture of downy silver buds and whole green leaves – usually a bud and two leaves are selected.  The aroma of dry leaves smells like mountain stones mixed with dried moss after the sunbath.  The tea liquor is slight darker than previous two grades, and the aroma of wet leaves after the first brew brims with dried forest characters – I imagine it is kind of like what a deer in the forest smells as it is nuzzling its way in the undergrowth looking for acorns. The taste is phenomenally delicious with ice sugar sweetness coating the mouth and throat, notes of almond, tropical fruit, very long-lasting aftertaste. 


Bai Ma Gang, Fuding County, Fujian Province, China.


Water temperate: 85°C for Silver Needle & 90°C for both White Peony
Leaf to water ratio: 1g per 100ml.
Brewing time: About 3 minutes.
Tips: Adjust the leaf to water ratio if you prefer to shorten the infusion time or for lighter and stronger taste.
Recommended Water: Try to use natural mineral water.


Water Temperate: 90°C for Silver Needle & 95°C for both White Peony
Leaf to water ratio: 5g per 100ml
Brewing time: About 10 seconds for the 1st to 3rd infusion. Increase the infusion time for each subsequent brew.  
Tips: For Gong Fu Brewing use a Gaiwan to brew and keep the lid open while the tea is brewing. 
Recommended Water: Try to use natural mineral water.

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