Old Bush Mao Xie 老枞毛蟹

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Mao Xie (毛蟹茶), translated as "Hairy Crab", is one of famous cultivar for making oolong teas in Anxi County of the Chinese province Fujian. The name is due to the fine downy hair that can be found on the young leaves, the deep serrations and neat edge of the leaves, like the shell of a Chinese mitten crab. The only light oxidized tea gets a golden liquor with a flowery fragrance. Just like Mei Zhan, Mao Xie is another one of the classic Min Nan (south-Fujian Province) Oolongs, produced in Anxi which is famous for Tie Guan Yin oolong tea. Min Nan (or south of Fujian) produces many classic oolongs which are rarely available even within China.   

We are so pleased to add this special Mao Xie oolongs to our existing oolongs range. This tea is from old-growth trees ranging from 50 - 60 years old in an abandoned plantation. This tea garden has been deserted for many years and surrounded by other trees and shrubs providing natural forest ecosystem allow the tea bushes very slow and develop deep roots and make a deep and rich flavour.

The tea is fully hand-processed in traditional way by Mr. Chen who is a highly-awarded tea expert. Each step of process of this tea has been taken considerable care and then slowly wood-charcoal baked over several months to stabilise its flavour. This Mao Xie is excellent for drinking now or aging.

ORIGIN: Anxi County, Fujian Province

HARVEST TIME AND PROCESS: one bud and 3 leaves are harvested in middle of April 2020. Fully hand-processed with medium level of oxidisation and finalised by slow wood-charcoal baking.


The bright, clear and golden liquor gives refresh floral aroma like jasmine and hints of baked biscuits notes with satisfying comforting essence. The clean taste with soft and rich texture but packed with sweet notes like ripe fruit. The overall flavour is very well balanced as the liquor runs over the palate to a long silky finish.  


Normal Approach:

Boiling water | 2 – 3g leave for 350ml | infuse for about 2-3 mins | refill as needed

Gong Fu Approach:

Water temperature: boiling water

Tea leaves to water ratio: 5g for 120ml

Warm all the tea vessel

1st infuse for 20 secs

2nd – 3rd infuse for about 15 secs

4th – 6th infuse for about 30 secs

7th - 8th infuse for about 1 mins