Traditional Tie Guan Yin - Heavily Oxidized

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Tie Guan Yin is also known as Iron Buddha and Iron Goddess of Mercy. This famous Chinese oolong comes from the Anxi County, Fujian, where it grows in the iron-rich soil of the mountains, and dates back to Qing Dynasty. Tie Guan Yin can be processed in two styles – the green or bouquet style and the browned or roasted style.

This is a roasted style Tie Guan Yin, which is the traditional way of processing this tea. The leaves are heavily oxidised to approximately 70-80% and then roasted over charcoal, producing a toasty, slightly smoky flavour. The dark, rolled leaves can be infused multiple times, but they won’t unfurl fully due to the high fire treatment. The golden orange infusion has a sweet and toasty aroma. Tie guan Yin has a warming flavour of toasted seeds and cocoa, and a nutty, sweet aftertaste. This combination of flavours goes well with almost any food, making Tie Guan Yin a popular choice of tea to serve at the dinner table.

Roasted Tie Guan Yin is pleasantly warming and comforting in cold weather. This tea can be consumed now, but it also matures well and can be successfully aged. 

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