Mo Gan Mountain Red Tea

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This Mo Gan Shan Red Tea is produces by Mr. Zhao family in Mount Mogan located in Deqing County, Zhejiang province.  

The tea is light bodied with gentle sweet flavour, very pleasant fruity balances the soft textures.

The tea plantation sits on top of the mountain and bushes are spread between 550 – 680 meters above sea level and surrounded by bamboo, mist and spring water.  The old tea bushes growing here have very strong, deep root systems. The top of the bushes is only cut every two years so they have plenty of time and space to grow normally.  Mr. Zhao has been adhering to biodynamic principles; meaning from start to finish the tea is free from pesticides and chemicals, the bushes are irrigated with spring water and fertilized with grass and chicken manure.

Since the Tang Dynasty, the lush and green rolling hills of Mo Gan Shan have been famed for its high-grade tea harvesting.  The famous writer Luyu, of the Tang Dynasty praised the Mo Gan Shan tea in his famous book, The Classic of Tea, regular production of green tea in the Valley of Fairies, where Mr. Zhao’s tea plantation is located. The Mo Gan Shan is covered with foggy clouds, green bamboo forest, clear springs and waterfalls, the super micro condition gives nutrition to the tea plants around. The weather there is especially good for tea; the average temperature is 15 degrees Celsius with humidity around 80%.

Mr. Zhao also produces Yellow Tea and Green Tea.