Kettle and Pot + 3 tea gifts

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Purchasing one pot, you will receive three tea gifts:

50g of my personal collection 1992 Shu Puer 
50g of 2010 Bao Tang Raw Puer
30g of 2012 Shou Mei White Tea

This is a multifunctional teapot that can be used as a normal teapot or a kettle for boiling water or for Boiling Tea. 

If you never heard of Boiling Tea before, well it is actually one of the oldest brewing method. When tea was first discovered thousands of years ago, fresh tea leaves were boiled in the water.  Then in Tang Dynasty (618-907), the processed dried tea leaves were granted to small particular and then place them in a cauldron for boiling, sometimes salt and herbs would be added.  The benefit of boiling tea is to expose the deepest essence, drawing out flavours, aromas and energy we can never experience when steeping tea, especially for some aged teas such as aged Puer Teas, Aged White Tea, Aged Oolongs, there are more intense mineral flavours, sweeter and rounder, with a lasting sweetness that lingers on the throat. the boiled tea are more consistently smooth and energetically pure than brewing tea. 

About this teapot: 

These teapots were designed by a Japanese artist and hand-made by a Chinese pottery artist and then fired in a wooden kiln in Fujian, China.  They were supposed to be shipped to Japan in the beginning of 2020, but there was a big logistic problem in shipping and difficulties of selling in Japan because of the Covid, so on behalf of the Japanese artist, the producers were asked to sell them in China instead.  I was very lucky to get few of them.   

The clay is a type of local earthenware clay with high content of iron oxide which gives the pot its nature look with a bit of orange/red colour and smooth, soft and bright water for tea. They can be used on gas, electric and charcoal.  The handle is made with natural wisteria.


Earthenware clay made in Fujian Province, China. 

Capacity: 360ml

Diameter: 10.50cm

Height: 7.00cm 

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