Jasmine Pearls - Scented Green Tea (Xiao Long Zhu) Grade A

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Our Grade A Xiao Long Zhu Jasmine Pearls Green Tea are especially made for a limited market and choose the top quality green tea and premium jasmine flowers. These sweet-scented Jasmine pearls are carefully belended to exude the most divine aroma with balance the delicate flavours of each for the perfect cups.

To scented green tea, young buds from white tea bushes are harvested in April and then hand-rolled into tight pearl shape. The pearls are dried and set aside until the jasmine flowers comes into season in July and August. White jasmine flower buds are picked and move to the factory and then lay together with dried tea leaves. At night, jasmine flower will open and release aroma, the dry tea leave will absorb the aroma and moistures. Four hours later, after the jasmine flowers lose its aroma, separate the flowers from tea leaves, and then dry the tea leaves again ready for the next day. In order to make the tea leaves having strong enough fragrance, the same process will be repeated for another 6 times.

Jasmine Pearls are known to relieve tension and are also thought to be an aphrodisiac.

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