Hand-Tied Flowering Tea - Chrysanthemum and Green Tea

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Light and smooth green tea leaves at the bottom, three Chrysanthemum flowers on the top shape that was named as 'Bu Bu Gao Sheng' to wish you to be promoted to a higher position. This spectacular flowering tea makes a great cup for everyday drinking and can be a great gift idea due to it's unique and stunning looks.

The main function of the chrysanthemum is to produce an effect toward clear vision, refreshment and assist with digestion.

Hand tied flowering teas are often made with the emphasis on how the tea looks with little concern for tea quality. The Chinese Tea Company, however, has selected exceptional green tea as a base with delicate jasmine flowers and lily flowers in the middle that add their floral scent and light taste to the already delectable smooth green tea. Each bundle unfolds itself gracefully in water to reveal the flowers within. A visually stunning experience.

The bag contains 7 bulbs.

Check our Glassware for a perfect teapot to brew Flowering Tea.

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