2018 Shi Feng Long Jing (Lion's Peak Dragon Well)

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This premium quality Long Jing is made from the finest first flush tea buds from Shi Feng Mountain (Lion’s Peak) near West Lake in Hangzhou – the area where Long Jing originated. Hangzhou is famous for producing the most celebrated green tea in China and is also home to the original 18 Long Jing bushes that were a tribute to Qing emperor Qianlong.

Shi Feng Long Jing is easy to recognise by its flat pan roasted leaves of green and yellow shades and its savoury, toasty aroma. The clear golden colour infusion is mellow and nutty with underlining savoury character of warmed spring greens and toasted pumpkin seeds. Aftertaste is mildly salty and vegetal and lingers on the palate long after enjoying the cup. The smooth and silky texture and the depth of flavour make this a truly remarkable Long Jing.

We source Shi Feng Long Jing directly from tea master Mr. Wang from Long Jing village. Mr. Wang is highly skilled in hand frying the fresh tea buds and leaves to create Long Jing’s unique flat shape and wonderful nutty flavour. This tea should not be missed.

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