2021 En Shi Yu Lu Green Tea

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En Shi city, southwest of Hubei province, China



Yu Lu tea is made from En Shi city’s local cultivars - “En Tai Zao” of Camellia Sinensis Sinenesis


Very young tip with one bud and 1 leaf were carefully hand-plucked in the beginning of March 2021.  The fresh tea leaves are steamed for 40 – 50 seconds to kill the enzymes for stopping oxidation, the hot and wet leaves must cool down immediately to prevent green leaves turn to yellow and dry for 12-15 minutes to lose small amount of moisture content in the leaves. Then leaves are gently rolled into long and straight shape, dry again for reducing more moisture content. Leaves are rolled again to create smooth, elegant straight needle shape with shiny and emerald green colour, finally dry until moisture content is reduced to 5%.


The aroma is fresh, high fragrance with bright vegetal layers familiar from Japanese Gyokuro green tea. The flavour is subtle but pronounced, delicate but strong in the first few brews. Then the tea turn to more mellow and clean sweetness lingering on the palate and throat. Silky mouthfeel with light umami notes.


En Shi city has produced tea since Tang Dynasty (618-907). History suggests that this style of tea was first created during Emperor Kang Xi’s reign. Today Chinese green teas are typically made by panning the leaves in a wok after plucking to kill the enzymes to create high fragrance and crispy taste. But when green teas were first produced in China about 2000 years ago, fresh leaves were steamed and compressed.  En Shi Yu Lu is one of China retained steamed green tea, which at one time there were only few people were making this tea. In recent years, under the China’s intangible cultural heritage protection with the promotion and encouragement from the government, this traditional steamed green tea has been people making them nowadays.

The name “玉露 Yu Lu” translates as “Jade Dew”, referring to the pale green colour of the infusion and brewed tea leaves.  Because En Shi Yu Lu is a steamed green tea, you will notice that the flavour likes Japanese Gyokuro but with less buttery and grassy flavour and a note of characteristic of Chinese green teas.


This tea is produced by Run Bang Tea Company, which the company was rewarded with the China's national previous and rare honour for preserve the En Shi Yu Lu tea's traditional steamed heritage skill. 

How to brew Green Tea

Common brewing method:

Water temperate: 80°C (boiling the water to 100°C, then wait about 8 mins to cool down)
Leaf to water ratio: 1g per 100ml

Recommended Water: please use natural mineral water with PH 7 and the dry residue under 200°C
Brewing time: about 2 minutes
Tips: adjust the leaf to water ratio if you prefer to shorten the infusion time or for lighter and stronger taste.  

Gong Fu Brewing Method:

Water Temperate: 80°C
Leaf to water ratio: 2g per 100ml Gaiwan/porcelain teapot/glass teapot
Brewing time: about 15 seconds for the 1st – 3rd infusion, and increasing the infusion time for each subsequent brewing.  

Tips: please keep the teapot lid open between each brew to allow the hot wet tea leaves to cool down.