2019 White Dew White Tea

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Nine Peaks Mountain of Fuding, Fujian Province, China


Camellia Sinensis Sinenesis, Da Bai cultivar, average tea bushes age is 40 - 50 years.


September 2019. A shoot of 3 matured leaves were hand-picked and sun-dried, then compressed into flat disk shape.


The flavour is sweet and fruity with the hints of dried hay and dried soil as if you walk through a dried grass land in the end of summer.  Soft and clean texture, no bitter and astringency, a perfect all-day-round drink.


White Dew Tea is named after the tea leaves harvested during the White Dew season.

White Dew (白露Bai Lu in Chinese)  is the 15th of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar. It normally falls between 7th – 9th September, when the sun reaches the longitude of 165 degrees. When it arrives, the temperature declines gradually and moisture in the air condense overnight, leaving a carpet of glistening dew on the ground and gathered on the leaves of trees in the early morning. Tea trees reach another growth and small quantity of matured tea leaves is plucked during this time. 

Unlike spring harvested tea, only the matured tea leaves with a stem are plucked during White Dew time which make the tea with less delicate characters but strong fruity like sweetness without any bitterness. It is a great tea to have in a hot weather for thirsty. It’s also a great tea to pair with savoury food. 

The same as our Silver Needle and White Peony, this White Dew White Tea comes from an organic tea garden (certified by IMO, Switzerland) at the Nine Peaks Mountains in Funding City, Fujian Province. The remote location that reaches 900m altitudes and the slightly acidic soil is excellent for growing tea. The unique terrain where the tea is growing in partial shade of other trees adds to the exceptionally pure taste of this white tea.

To break up the cake: using a small knife, gently inserting it from the sides of the cake, then lift up the knife to break small parts of tea.  You can either break the whole cake at once or only break small parts for drinking.  

Storage: Once the cake is open, please place it in a sealed bag or wrapped up by foil to keep the tea dry. White tea can also be aged, but it will have to stored in a very airtight container, and place it in a dark, dried and cold place.  

Brew: using boil water, 3g leaves to 100ml water, infusion for 30 seconds - 1 minute as you desire, keep adding hot water for many infusions. 

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