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Phoenix Dan Cong - Snowflake

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Quick Overview:

Origin: Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China
Harvest: Nov. 2016
Tea leaves: 3 slightly open leaves
Taste: Fruity, floral and nutty

Weight: 50g


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An unusual Phoenix Dan Cong is harvested in the winter, very lightly oxidised without charocal roast.  The big and green leaves give fruity, floral aroma and a notes of nutty taste. 

We highly recommend “Gong Fu” style brewing to get the most of this tea as it opens up gradually through multiple infusions. Chao Zhou earthenware tea pots are advisable for the best results. 

Brewing Instructions:

Normal Brewing Method

Water Temperate: 100 ºC
Tea quantity: 5g tea leaves in a 200ml teapot
Brewing: warm up the teapot first, rinse the tea leaves at once (pour the hot water in and out, not waiting at all).  1st brewing: 10-20 seconds, 2nd and onwards brewing: 5-10 seconds or to your taste. 
Tips: Please do not leave any water in the pot between each brews, so as not to lose the precious flavor and taste of tea and preventing too strong taste for the next brew. 

Gong-Fu Cha Brewing Method

Brewing Parameters:
Suitable capacity of Gaiwan or pot: 50ml - 100ml
Tea quantity: upto 60% - 70% of the capacity of Gaiwan or pot.
Water temperate: 100 ºC

Pre-heat and Rinsing:
Pre-heat your tea vessel with boiling water, discard water before putting tea in. Add the tea leaves to the heated vessel. Add boiling water to the leaves until tea vessel overflows, discard water immediately.  This is to warm up tea leaves and also to open up the leaves before the 1st brew. Rinsing must be carried out swiftly so as not ot lose the precious flavour and taste of tea. 

Actual Brewing: 

It does not requir long infusion, instead, brew it the "touch and go" style - as soon as you pour the boiling water up to the level of tea leaves, pleace the lid to Gaiwan and then immediately pour out the tea without letting it soak.

1st brew: 5 seconds, and for each subsequent brewing, you need to brew less than a second. It can be cantinue brewed up to nearly 15 - 20 times.  

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