"Jin Wen" Da Hong Pao Clay Teapot 250ML

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"Jin Wen" Style Yixing Teapot 

Clay type: Da Hong Pao Ni 

Artist: Zhou Chen Tao

Craft: Fully handmade

Strainer type: 14-hole strainer

Capacity: 250ml

Length (body only): 11cm

Height without the lid: 6.4cm

This beautifully finished teapot with Jin Wen - the symmetrical rhomboid petals style.   It takes double time to make this teapot to the ones with smooth body.  The pot is made by a extremely rare clay -  Da Hong Pao Clay which has high density clay of exquisite quality with a high degree of crystallisation. The pot will turn to a highly pleasing bright and deep red colour.  

Any ball-shaped oolong both lightly and highly roasted types are well-suited to brew in this teapot and also types of Puer Tea. 

All our Yixing teapots are fully handmade, we only have one of a kind in stock.  

Please Note:
We have carefully photographed this item as best as possible – please be aware that different device screens can render colours and subtle tones slightly differently.