200ml "Shi Piao Style"

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"Niu Gai Shi Piao Style" Yixing Teapot 牛盖石瓢壶

Clay type: Jiang Po Ni Clay 原矿降坡泥

Artist: Zhou Shu Yuan

Craft: Fully handmade

Strainer type: 9-hole strainer

Capacity: 200ml

Length (body only): 16cm

Height without the lid: 5cm

A very well made "Shi Piao style" Yixing teapot is hand-made from Jiang Po Ni clay.

Jiang Po Ni or “lower slope clay” is named after the site of its discovery. The clay was discovered in the early 1990s while building a road between HuangLong Mountain and QingLong Mountain in Yixing.  While digging to lower slope of the road, workers discovered Zisha ore which has the naturally-occurring mixture of three kinds of Zisha: Hong Ni (red clay), Zi Ni (purple clay) and Duan Ni.  After firing, the Jiang Po Ni shows in the mixture colour of red-purple/brown from Hong Ni and Zi Ni with the small gold particles of Duan Ni. Another important characteristic of Jiang Po Ni is that the clay is relatively more porous than other kind of Zisha which make the pot more breathable.  

This pot has a naturally glossy and silk to the touch. The pot is fully handmade by a highly trained young artist Zhou Shu Yuan who learned her skill from her mother since very young age.  We have stock her teapots since 2012 and we have witnessed that her skill has truly progressively improved in the past eight years. 

The writing on the teapot "境由心生" is from buddhist thinking which means "The way you feel depends on you" or "We are what we think".

The pot is almost ideal to brew any teas especially for any roasted oolongs such as Wu Yi Rock Tea, Phoenix Dan Cong, Traditional Tie Guan Yin, Puer teas and Red teas. 

All our Yixing teapots are fully handmade, we only have one of a kind in stock.  

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