"Red Bean" Black Clay Yixing Teapot 100ML

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"Red Bean" Style Yixing Teapot 红豆紫砂壶

Clay type: Original Ore Black Clay 原矿黑泥

Artist: Zhou Chen Tao 

Craft: Fully handmade

Strainer type: 14-hole strainer

Capacity: 100ml

Length (body only): 10.5cm

Height without the lid: 8.50cm

It has very straight and short spout which help to pour your tea out very quickly.  The 100ml size is perfect for Gong Fu brewing.  The pot is beautifully handmade with very smooth surface. 

Hei Ni or black clay is extremely rare nowadays. This Hei Ni ore was excavated few decades ago and have being kept for future use. The clay will become even dark colour after brewing with tea.  Hei Ni clay is almost good to use for any types of teas. 

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