Mid-autumn Festive Tea and Mooncakes at 4pm -6pm

Date: 4pm - 6pm, Sunday 11th September 2022

We would like to host a special tasting event to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival: Tea and Mooncakes. 

We will have 4 different teas to pair with two types of mooncakes: Pork mooncake and red bean paste mooncake.  Our mooncakes are made freshly and locally by my dear friend Lillian who runs Shanghai Supper Club. 

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a traditional festival celebrated in Chinese culture. The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunisolar calendar with a full moon at night, corresponding to mid-September to early October of the Gregorian calendar.  On this day, the Chinese believe that the Moon is at tis brightest and fullest size, coinciding with harvest time in the middle of Autumn. Lanterns of all size and shapes are carried and displayed to symbols that light people's path to prosperity and good fortune. Mooncakes are made from rich pastry typically filled with sweet-bean, egg yolk, meat or lotus-seed paste are traditionally eaten.  Teas will be paired to balance the rich taste of mooncakes. 

Places are limited, so book now to secure your place.


Booking fee is non-refundable and cannot be carried forward to another event date or redeemed on products but can be transferred to your friends by email us to confirm.