SHU PUER (Pu-erh) - 2011 Guai Bian Lao Zhai

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When opening our 2011 Guai Bian Lao Zhai Shu Puer (Pu-erh) you will notice a strong and clean earthy aroma and it will remind you of walking into a deep forest.  The liquor is very dark with a nice, clean and thick texture.  The flavour is quite light at the beginning, but as you drinking more and more, the taste will get stronger leave you a very strong, lingering sweet aftertaste without any wet pile taste. We think this Puer (Pu-erh) will be excellent  for someone who is new to Puer teas.

This ripe (or Shu) Puer tea is made from spring harvested tea leaves from old tea bushes that are located the south of Yunnan near the border to Burma.  It is made of a nice blend of Grade 1, Grade 3 and 4 tea leaves with medium fermentation level.  Tea was compressed in August 2011 and have been kept in a dry storage. 

This tea is very good to drink now but will age and develop for many years to come. A good one to store for your collection.