SHENG PUER - 2015 Nan Nuo Mountain Raw Puer Tea

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2015 Nan Nuo Mountain Ancient Tree Raw Puer - 2015 南糯山古树生普洱饼茶

Our Nan Nuo Raw Puer was selected specially to bring new, mellow sensations to our drinkers after exploring the region and visiting Master. Tian’s the tea planation. The tea plantation is located between 1,600 – 1,800 meters in Duo Yi Village that is on the top of the Nannuo Mountain in Menghai county of Xishuangbanna. 

This exceptional raw (or sheng) Puer tea was harvested on 28th March 2015 from old tea trees between 400-600 years old. Tea was hand made by Master Tian, he uses traditional production methods like hand firing, hand rolling, sun drying, and stone pressing of the cakes. 

The dry leaves are dark green in colour with shiny and downy buds.  Green, mellow, round and fruity with sweet camphor aromas and pleasant astringency, this tea will become darker and mellower as it slowly ages. 

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