SHENG PUER - 2016 Meng Hai Raw Puer

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Origin: Meng Hai region, Yunnan Province, China

Harvest: April 2016

Tea leaves: 1 bud and 2 – 3 leaves were picked, Camellia Sinensis Assamica. 

Brewing: 100°C, 2g per 100ml water. Rinsing briefly before brewing, 8 – 10 infusions.

Weight: 200g per cake

We are very happy to introduce this Raw Puer that is harvested in April 2016.  The tea has been stored in our shop since then. 

For some of you might have had our 2016 Loose leaf Raw Puer (Mao Cha), this is the same tea but it has been compressed in to a round cake shape.  As the teas were compressed, it will take slight more mature than the Loose leaf version, but it still has strong fresh aroma with hint of young leaves notes. 

The tea is from a very natural environment and harvested from 150 - 300 years old tea trees that offers strong body, bold taste, three dimensional sensation on palate - feel very rich and broad drinking feeling. Sweet flavour, creamy and soft. This tea is delicious and refreshing, perfect for mid-day. 

This cake would also be good choice to appreciate a young Raw Puer tea's character, but also it would be a great choice for ageing to mature. 

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