SHENG PUER - 2007 "Quan Ji" Raw Puer Tea

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A traditional style of Yunan Tea, this Sheng Puer tea cake has a wonderful range of flavours and scents which has good storage potential as well as enjoy it now. The tea liquor is already showing good signs of ageing with a deepening amber colour. 

Lovingly made from quality first flush spring leaves from ancient trees (average age of 100 - 200 years), with picking standard of one bud to two tender leaves. Old tea trees provide greater, more complex nutrition in the leaves, as the central root of the tree goes deeper and wider into the soil to gather nutrients from many layers of undisturbed eart, and also a robust falvour and long finish, and the forest setting where these tress grow adds a complex floral aroma. 

This tea is a good value option for those looking to explore this fascinating style of Puer teas.

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