SHU PUER - 2013 "Gu Mu Ya Yun" Cooked Puer

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Shu Puer, also known as Cooked Puer, which has undergone a long fermentation process that changes the tea into something dark red-brown in colour with earthy taste.  

This Shu Puer made from tips and 2-3 young tender leaves that were plunked from old trees about 200-year-old trees on Nannuo Mountain in 2013.  The tea has been stored in London since 2015, the five subsequent years of ageing has made this tea even smoother and richer with deep earthy texture, and tastes combining with notes of sweet liquorice and mushroom to give a thick, full flavoured, chewy and clean tasting tea. When you open the wrapping paper, you will smell beautiful, deep and complex aroma as if walking into a deep forest with mix small from trees leaves, branches, mushroom and wild flowers, which gives the inspiration of its name – “Gu Mu Ya Yun” translates to old forest with elegance and rhymes. 

How to brew: 

Break off a small amount of tea from the cake and using boiling water. 

Make sure using boiling water to heat the teapot up first to ensure water temperature remaining as hot as possible while brewing, and rinsing the leaves once with boiling water before the brewing.  Brewing time will be vary depending on how much leave to use, for example, 5g for 100ml cup, brewing for 30 seconds.  

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