Phoenix Dan Cong - Aged Shui Xian from 2002

Our unique Aged Shui Xian Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea was harvested in 2002 and has a flavour that is very intriguing as it is deep and complex with a hint of dried fruit and caramelized brown sugar notes that is nicely balanced with the tingling bitterness of tangerine peel and due to its age, this Aged Shui Xian is more bold and woody than most other Phoenix Oolongs. There is a aftertaste of very sweet like ripe berries or dried fruit with slightly woody notes and when infused the leaves produce a brown liquid with an intense aroma.  

Phoenix Dan Cong Oolongs are said to be excellent immune stimulants, particularly effective for respiratory health and maturing this tea is believed to, even more so, increase the healing potential of this tea.

Our Phoenix Dan Cong Shui Xian is an excellent tea to enjoy in cold and rainy days, and it is also suitable for further aging.