2019 An Ji Bai Cha

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An Ji County, Zhejiang Province


Early April.  1 young bud and 2 slight open leaves are hand picked and then carefully processed


The clear pale green colour liquor delivers subtle citrusy and sweet flavour with underlining floral notes. This tea feels incredibly soft and smooth on the palate and leaves no astringency at all.


An Ji Bai Cha or An Ji White Tea is a unique green tea (don’t be confused by its name) from An Ji County, which is famous for its bamboo forests. This rare tea was considered lost for over 800 years until one bush was discovered in the 1980s. Tea scholars believe that this was the tea plant mentioned in the book ‘Da Guan Cha Lun’ by Song Hui Zhong, the emperor in Song Dynasty, who named this tea An Ji Bai Cha because its fresh leaves in early spring resemble the colour of white jade.

Soon An Ji Bai Cha was cultivated and propagated for commercial use. This green tea is produced in limited quantity for it is only grown over 1647 acres due to government regulations to protect the bamboo forests and ensure high quality produce. This unusually delicate and much sought after green tea is grown at 600m altitude and harvested over a short 30-day period in early spring before the leaves mature and turn green changing their delightful aroma.

An Ji Bai Cha is said to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system due to its high level of amino acids that have the ability to suppress cortisol. This tea brings an overall calming and soothing feeling.


Common brewing method:

Water temperate: 85-90°C (boiling the water to 100°C, then wait about 5 mins to cool down)
Leaf to water ratio: 1g per 100ml

Recommended Water:please use natural mineral water with PH 7 and the dry residue under 200°C
Brewing time: about 3 minutes
Tips: adjust the leaf to water ratio if you prefer to shorten the infusion time or for lighter and stronger taste. 

Gong Fu Brewing Method:

Water Temperate: 95°C
Leaf to water ratio: 2g per 100ml
Brewing time: about 10 seconds for the 1st– 3rdinfusion, and increasing the infusion time for each subsequent brewing.  

Tips: please keep the teapot lid open between each brew to allow the hot wet leave to cool down.

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