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About the companyJuyan

The Chinese Tea Company is a tea retailer based on Portobello Road, London. The Chinese Tea Company started from humble beginnings selling tea to Friends and work colleagues from a small amount of tea that Juyan would bring back from China each year and grew into a large speciality tea company.  Over the past seven years, The Chinese Tea Company has painstakingly compiled a great range of single origin, rare and obscure teas. Our teas are not only good, but they also come with passion and a wealth of knowledge, distilled from the experiences and discoveries we have gained over the years.

We travel frequently to the regions in China where the teas we sell are produced.  We work directly with tea farmers to ensure the choicest picks of the season and ship directly form the farms in China to our Shop in the UK. Our hands on and personal approach guarantees minimal handling of the fragile leaf, superior quality control and optimal storage conditions. 

Our exclusive relationships with the tea growers ensure up to date information on the season’s harvests and the latest tea production techniques. We recognise there are many teas out there with a huge level of variety and interesting sub-division.  We are dedicated to sourcing as many interesting and hard to find teas as possible.

Because of the labour-intensive techniques used to produce tea at such a refined level, quantities are limited and seasonal.  There is less to share but more to appreciate.

As well as catering for tea-loving connoisseurs and collectors, we also deal in wholesale and provide corporate events and training.  

About Juyan

Juyan Webster is the founder of The Chinese Tea Company. She was born and raised in Zhejiang Province, one of the most important provinces of China in tea production. When growing up, Juyan was surrounded by tea and tea culture as her family grew tea on their land and, as a child, she worked alongside her family, picking and processing tea. It was this upbringing that shaped a passion for tea and vast knowledge of tea production. 

Juyan also teaches one of the UK Tea Academy’s ‘Masterclasses’.  The UK Tea Academy is the only body in the UK to offer a professional tea certification programme. 

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