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Gong Fu Tea ClassesWould you like to learm making tea in the authentic Gong Fu style? Would you like to know the best way of appreciating fine Chinese teas? Can you tell a green from a white? Do you know why they are different? Come to our Gong Fu Tea Classes, founder Juyan will teach all about them.


The five-hour session can run in one day or into two days upto your availabilities and covers the following topics:   

Foundations of tea:

- Introductions basic six types of teas; 
- The essential components of teas, where and how teas are grown, the stages of processing and what differentiates the different types and classifications of tea.  
- Opportunity to taste representative samples of each of the six tea types.

Gong Fu Tea Basics:

- The fundamental steps 
- Basic teaware for Gong Fu Tea
- Follow Juyan step by step of Gong Fu Tea brewing 
- Learn how to hold a Gaiwan or small Yixing teapot   

Gong Fu Tea Advance:

- Learn how to brew White, Green, Oolong and Puer 
- How to boil water, the methods for measuring approprate water temperatures for different teas
- General parameters of the amount of tealeavs to use for Gong Fu Tea

Finally, how to serve a tea, how to taste a tea, how to enjoy a tea using your five senses. 

Price: £150 per person

Classes are by appointment and limited to two studetns per sessions.  By appointmnet only.  
Ready to book? Call 020 8960 0096 or Email: 

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