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Wu Yi Rock Tea Tasting Event

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Time: 4pm - 6pm 

Date: Sunday, 21st May 2017

Teas: Wu Yi Rock Tea only


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We are hosting a special Rock Tea Tasting Event.

The purpose of this teasting event is to experience the signature character of Wuyi Rock Tea: Yan Yun (Rock Rhyme). A combination of not only a tea's flavour but its fragrance, colour and qulity of liquor.  This characteristic is a product of the special environment and mineral soil of Wuyi Mountains.  The fundamental understanding of a Rock tea's quality is the degree to which it exhibits Yan Yun.  There are five elements of Yan Yun:
1. Huo 活 - activity, vibrancy,
2. Gan 甘 - sweetness that is emerged in the back of your throat and sides of your mouth, especially a sweet aftertaste.
3. Qing 清 - purity (clean clear translucent liquor;
4. Xiang 香 - fragrance: gentle, muted, arrives slowly, not sharp, not overwhelming, not too perfumed.
5. Yan gu 岩骨 - "rock bones": the depth of flavor it's like you are eating some kind of meat. 

Ensure that everybody will have a great tasting experience, we will have limited space of 5 people for this tasting event, so book your space now.

Time: 3pm - 5pm (2 hours)

Date: Sunday, 2nd July 2017
Price: £30 per person 
Teas: we will taste five different Rock teas from Zheng Yan (正岩)which is the innermost protected area of Wu Yi Mountain Heritage site, and each tea represents  one cultivar:
1. Bai Ji Guan 白鸡冠
2. Shui Jin Gui 水金龟
3. Tie Lou Han (or Iron Monk) 铁罗汉
4. Hui Yuan Big Red Robe 慧苑大红袍
5. Ghost Cave Old Bush Shui Xian 鬼洞老枞水仙
What is Wu Yi Rock Tea?

Wu Yi Rock Tea is a special subcatergory of Oolong Teas grown in the vicinity of Wuyi Mountains in northern Fujian province, China.  Wuyi Mountian is a UNSECO World Heritage site, internationally recognized and protedcted for its biological diversity and significance as an ancient cultural site.  The Wuyi region has historically been one of the major centers of tea production in Fujian province and globally.  The name of Rock Tea is because of the distictive terroir of the mountainsides where they are grown.  Tea bushes are grown in the rocky, mineral rich soil. Because of the lower yield produced by tea bushes in such terrain, the resulting tea can be quite costly. 

Types of Rock Teas

There are numerous different teas cultivars thriving in Wuyi Mountains, yielding an equally big number of different Rock teas. According to local experts, there are virtually thousands of such cultivars existing only in the Zhengshan areal, some of which might be represented by no more than a few specimens. 



Customer Reviews

Review by Kit
Since ours, which was in May, was very similar to the one described by Carl & Leo, below, I won't repeat what they have said. Like Li, who was one of us on Sunday, I found the tea tasting to be a lovely experience. Juyan is a warm and thoughtful host, so everything worked to make us all feel at home in her special shop.

Although I've been a tea enthusiast for a number of years now, Wuyi Rock teas were never all that high on my list. That was the very reason I jumped at the chance to try five of them - and my horizons were definitely expanded. Each tea had its own distinctive characteristics, and there were a couple that were quite surprising in their spiciness. I'm looking forward to trying more of those at home.

Not just our tongues, but also our noses and our minds were informed. We learned the best ways to smell and taste the teas. We saw photos of the region and of the varieties of plant, and learned of all the complex elements (natural & human) that go into making a wonderful Wuyi Rock Tea. All the information came through in the informal and relaxed conversation that went on as Juyan prepared and served multiple infusions of each one.

If you're reading this, you're clearly someone who's already a tea fan or you're at least a little interested. So, do sign up or stop by the shop, where you'll find Juyan on most days, ready to talk about tea and to share the tea she's having with you.
(Posted on 25/05/2017)
Review by Li
The Rock Tea Tasting Event was very informative and entertaining at the same time. Juyan prepared multiple infusions of different rock teas and used photographs and her extensive knowledge of Chinese tea production to enhance our appreciation of the complex aromas and flavours of rock tea as well as give us valuable advice on how to prepare the tea to reveal its subtleties. The time flew by quickly and it was a hugely relaxing and enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Hope Juyan puts on more tea events in the future! (Posted on 23/05/2017)
Review by Leo
First of all, Carl has already given an excellent overview of the event in his review, so I will try not to repeat what he wrote.

This was a special tasting event that focused on the finest teas from a specific region in china renowned for its unique and large varieties of oolong tea. From what I could understand, each of the tea varieties shares a unique core character that is common to all teas produced in the region. At the same time, all of them possess subtle differences and forms a unique signature of flavours and aromas that characterises each and every variety.

We sampled 5 of these tea varieties in a Gung-Fu style tasting (check out the video on the homepage of this website if you want to see what it is like). Juyan has obviously picked those because they all are different enough in taste so that we can distinguish between them easily. To fully appreciate the complex flavours of these fine teas, the Gung-Fu brewing is the best because it offers multiple small infusions of the same tea instead of one giant mug. But if you have ever tried brewing Gung-Fu tea yourself, you'd know just how difficult it is to get it right. This was where we really benefited from the experience and skills of the host, who did a great job in getting the best out of the teas.

I'd also like to emphasise that it can be very difficult to get hold of the best Wuyi teas outside China, and they are usually priced like saffron. Therefore, this was an absolutely unique and unmissable opportunity for oolong lovers like myself. If you don't have any previous experience with Wuyi oolongs, I would wholeheartedly recommend Juyan's general tea tasting sessions, which covers a much broader range of teas. On the other hand, if you are thinking to get this as a present for a friend who is a tea nerd, this is THE one.
(Posted on 14/02/2017)
Review by Carl
A small group of people, so the session was relaxed and informal. A chance to taste and compare these unique and fascinating teas. Juyan's presentation was excellent, giving information on the growing, harvesting and production methods as well as the climate, geography and culture of the Wu Yi area. Her expertise and obvious love of these teas, combined with the peaceful and pleasant environment of the Chinese Tea Company's lovely little tea house, made it a wonderful two hours. (Posted on 04/02/2017)

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