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SHENG PUER - 2016 Meng Hai Raw Puer (50g)

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A loose Raw Puer tea from a very remote area in Menghai County,  tea trees are kept in a very natural enviroment, so gives tea very bold, thick and more complextity flavour with lingering sweet aftertaste


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We are very happy to introduce this Puer mao-cha harvested in early April 2016.  

Mao-cha and Sheng Cha are two terms for nearly the same thing in the area of puer.  The mao-cha is the loose form of the raw puer tea leaves right after sun dried and before compressed into a round cake or brick shape, mao-cha defines the tea from the perspective of tea processing and sheng-cha from a consuming view-point. 

As the process of raw puer tea is very close to that of green tea, the flavour of mao-cha is very refreshing floral with an up-lifting aroma, and this freshing flavour is normally diminished once tea is steamd and compressed. So this mao-cha at the moment is at the right beginning stage of the aging and would be a great introduction of raw puer. They can also be matured, requriing only two to three years due to the faster rate of natural fermentation in an uncompressed state.  

The tea is from a very natraul enviroment and harvested from 80-300 years tea trees in Menghai county of Yunnan Province.  Gives extraordiarily strong body, bold taste, three dimensional sensation on palate - feel very rich and broad drinking feeling. Sweet flavour, creamy and soft. This tea is delicious and refreshing, perfect for mid-day. 

Brewing Instructions:

Normal Brewing Method

Water Temperate: 95 ºC
Tea quantity: 3g tea leaves in a 350ml cup
Steep time: at least 1 minute.
Infusions: about 3 times – don't remove the leaves from the mug, as once the water level is low, simply add more water and keep going until the flavour of the tea is gone

Gong-Fu Cha Brewing Method

Brewing Parameters:
Vessel size: 100ml - 200ml
Tea quantity: 1/4 or 1/3 Vol. of vessel capacity
Water temperate: 95 ºC

Brewing Time:
Pre-heat your tea vessel with boiling water, discard water before putting tea in. Add the tea leaves to the heated vessel. Add boiling water to the leaves until tea vessel overflows. Discard water immediately, this is to rinse and heat the tea leaves before the 1st brew. 

1st steep - 1s
2nd steep - 5s
3rd steep - 5s
4th steep - 5s
5th steep - 20s
6th steep - 30s
7th steep as desired 

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